Bespoke Corporate Fitness Programmes

Corporate Fitness programmes in the workplace have an untold amount of benefits, from increasing productivity to decreasing aches and pains. Which is why, if you are based in and around London, choosing Braww to come straight to your workplace is one of the best investments you can make to your company. Many of the barriers executives and employees face include – lack of time, limited space, shortage of equipment and the absence of reliable knowledge. Braww can overcome all of these barriers for those London companies that want to get the best out of all of their team members.

Exclusive programming

With unique corporate fitness and well-being programmes all over London that are designed for your team, their location, and the style of training you want. You can dictate how often and how long you wish to carry out the improvement of your workforce. Take a look at a breakdown of the simple process, from meeting out team to enhancing the potential of your own;

  1. Discuss the individual needs of your business
  2. Claim your FREE taster sessions to test the fit
  3. Choose your programming plan
  4. Have Braww bring the fitness to you
  5. Reap the rewards

Long lasting results

The number of participants is not an issue, providing the space fits the members, we are more than happy to conduct the sessions to large and small groups anywhere in London. All of our corporate fitness programmes are made to your specifications, meaning that you have full control over the sessions and how they are performed. Take a look at a few more of the benefits of bringing a corporate fitness programme to you employees lives;

  • Enhance Relationships – Every session is engaging as possible. A fun, competitive edge enables people to work together and build long lasting bonds in the process.
  • Reduce Injury – By teaching how to correctly perform exercises you increase the capability of an individual. You also reduce a risk of injury in everyday life. In turn, reduces the time people may not be able to make it to work.
  • Release Stress – We aim to optimise the benefits to your team. To release the most amount of stress possible for each individual, we make the exercises bespoke.
  • Increase Productivity – As your workforce becomes fitter and stronger, the results will show. They will be able to work a lot more efficiently. Keeping the quality high and sustaining the quantity of work.

Take action

So if you are based in and around London we would love to have the pleasure of working with, to increase the productivity and moral of your team. To discuss further and take positive action all you need to do is contact us at [email protected] From here one of our team will be more than happy to get the ball rolling on your bespoke programme.

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