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BrawwCorporate Fitness

In London, Braww brings the corporate fitness programs to you. Firstly, we know that work life can take over. Therefore, we can bring a fun and exciting fitness sessions to your workforce. In addition, you have the opportunity to either tailor the class to your team’s needs or try something new and enjoy a unique Braww. session anywhere in London. Whether it is before work, during break or after work, we can cater for any time frame. Therefore, as long as you have a small space available or an open space nearby. Braww. can take care of the rest. Finally, all your team has to do is turn up and be ready to get energised.

Why Corporate Fitness?

  • Learn More

Firstly, listen to your body. Learn what it likes and how it works best. Consequently, when you apply these corporate fitness programs to life, your aches, pains and soreness subside.

  • Feel Good

In addition, during exercise we release feel good hormones into the body. Therefore, we can sustain this over long periods of time. This is because, we want to add value to an individual’s life.

Corporate Fitness Heart Raiser
  • Enhance Relationships

Furthermore, every session is engaging as possible. Therefore, this fun, competitive edge enables people to work together and build long lasting bonds in the process, not only in house but with other companies in London too.

  • Reduce Injury

In addition with bespoke employee fitness programs that teach you how to correctly perform exercises, you increase the capability of an individual. As well as this, you also reduce a risk of injury in everyday life. In turn, reduces the time people may not be able to make it to work.

  • Release Stress

First of all, we aim to optimise the benefits to your team. Helping with mental health and preventing anxiety is a problem that can be easily helped with an employee fitness program. To release the most amount of stress possible for each individual, we make the corporate fitness programs bespoke.

  • Increase Productivity

When your London workforce becomes fitter and stronger, as a result, your productivity will increase. Therefore, they will be able to work a lot more efficiently. As a result, keeping the quality high and sustaining the quantity of work.


Corporate Fitness Stretch

How Does It Work?

  • Variation

Firstly, we use a multitude of exercises, therefore we incorporate and promote elements like strength, weight loss, endurance and pain relief plus many more.

  • Fundamentals

In addition to the physical implications, we also take the time to teach members how to independently weave fitness into their personal life. As a consequence, the overall workforce is improved.

  • Minimalism

First of all our London programs embrace the fact that you do not need a fully equipped gym to become fitter. Consequently, we use resistance bands or body-weight routines to really bring out the best workouts.

  • Mobility

Our trainers come to you. Therefore your team would not even need to leave location, wherever you are in London.  Meaning, as long as you have a small space available or open space nearby. Consequently we can take care of the rest.

Corporate Fitness Builders
Corporate Fitness Sit Ups
  • Flexibility

Whether you have early risers, lunch time fitness fanatics or after work gym goers. Therefore, we can cater corporate fitness programs for all and come to you at anytime.

  • Enjoyment

First of all, the structure of our fitness programs means that we put the mindset towards fitness before the physicality. As a result, your team leave the session in a much more improved mood.

  • Suitable for all fitness levels

  • Challenge and increase both strength & cardio fitness

  • Help you lose weight when accompanied with a healthy diet

  • Fun, motivational and team building

  • Anywhere in London

Corporate Fitness Fun

Classes Take Around

45 Min


    Corporate Fitness Happy Clap

    Finally, there are many benefits to applying a corporate fitness program to the work day. Here are just a few –

    • Improves focus

    • Reduces stress

    • Increases motivation

    • Increases energy

    • Reduces sick days

    • Improves mood

    • Increases productivity

    • Boost creativity

    • Boost morale

    • Allows employees to socialise and network

    • Improves health

    • Increases happiness

    • Clears mind

    Frequently Asked Questions

    WHERE WILL WE TRAIN IF WE PREFER OUTDOORS?2018-10-26T17:23:16+00:00

    Anywhere that has space. We can train outside in the parking lot.

    WHEN CAN WE TRAIN?2018-10-26T17:23:50+00:00

    The best thing about Braww is that you tell us when you want to train. We are flexible and work around times that you desire. Usually companies like to train in lunch breaks or after work. Sometimes we test out different slots to assess the most optimum time for your company.

    WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF COMPANY FITNESS?2018-10-26T17:23:55+00:00

    Your employees will have increased productivity, alertness, and energy. Their morale will be increased which will lower employee turnover. Employee absences will be reduced because people who exercise often have stronger immune systems and therefore are less likely to become ill. The fitter you are, the healthier you are. We have also seen a big increase in team connectivity and bonding as a result of the group workouts which we run.


    Braww trainers are mobile. That means that we bring everything we need to where ever you need it. We believe in a back to basics approach when it comes to training, which means that we won’t expect you to provide anything. The only instances you will need to provide equipment is if you want us to run specialised sessions, e.g. boxing class will require pads and gloves, but we can always help with making suggestions about the least costly way to implement a programme.

    HOW OFTEN SHOULD WE TRAIN IN A WEEK?2018-10-26T17:24:03+00:00

    We recommend taking part in at least two session a week in order to fully benefit from Braww sessions. Although we appreciate that is not always possible and are flexible to our clients needs so we can work around the companies times. We expect our clients to get stronger, faster and fitter each week, but we can only do this if we work with you on a consistent basis.


    Our corporate wellness classes are based on a wide range of exercises that are high energy and focused on the class having fun as well as getting fit as a team. We ensure that no two sessions are the same. That being said we are open to the clients needs and are here to help. We are always in search of new ideas and creative thoughts that can help us deliver exceptional service.

    WHERE WILL WE TRAIN?2018-10-26T17:24:12+00:00

    We can train anywhere that is available. Our skilled trainers can transform any ordinary space into a training ground. You could use the foyer, or empty boardrooms. But lets not limit it to inside. If its a nice day and there is space near then lets get outside!

    HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN TAKE PART IN A SESSION?2018-10-26T17:24:17+00:00

    Braww works with corporations of all different sizes, from small start-ups to large corporations. Group sizes vary from 3 individuals to up to 25 individuals. Depending on the amount of space you have or that is available around you. We would normally keep the ratio of one personal trainer to a maximum of 25 employees, so that the personal trainer can properly cater to all individuals. If there is more, additional trainers can be provided or more sessions added.

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