Tuesday Tone Up

Fitness Class in High Barnet, North London

Right now Braww runs a Fitness Class specifically designed to tighten and tone those common problematic areas of the body. This is our Tuesday Tone Up class. Based in High Barnet, North London, this class is a much more targeted experience. With the overall elements of Braww, but with much more bespoke aspects. You are still supplied with engaging and fun exercises, but Braww makes sure that everyone in High Barnet has access to routines that will help tone and strengthen their bodies as a whole. This is the perfect opportunity to grow the body with like- minded people who are all striving for similar goals.

An atmosphere that is not found in your regular classes, you will never feel like you are working alone. Join a team of people who are all working towards unique targets, but come together to support one an other in unity to promote a mastermind of power. If you live in, or you are visiting High Barnet do not miss out on your chance to book your space in the Tuesday Tone Up class this week.

Tighten, tone and triumph over your goals

These are just a few more reasons for you to sign up to Tuesday Tone up;

  • Surround yourself with encouraging people
  • Gain access to a variety of fitness knowledge
  • Find even more motivation
  • Work towards your specific goals
  • Learn a catalogue of strength exercises
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Make fitness accessible and affordable
  • Full adaptations and support for injuries

Our guarantee to you

Braww believes that this Fitness Class is among one of the best in High Barnet. So much so that it is our pleasure to have you attend your first class for FREEThis way you can experience and immerse yourself in the class before making any commitment to the it. From here you can then decide whether the class will suit you and your individual needs. Although, Braww already knows that the current Barnet members who have made the investment in themselves are already gaining the returns. We are also more than happy for you to bring a friend a long with you to share the experience and even offer you an additional class for FREE the first time you bring a new member along.

Treat your future-self to a healthy lifestyle

To make it even easier for your progress, Braww is currently running a fantastic offer for our Barnet Fitness Classes. Check out these short-lasting bundle-buys that enable you to bank your classes and focus solely on your fitness development. When you do this you make it part of your weekly routine and your fitness becomes much easier to manage around your day-to-day life. Take a look at these;

10 Classes – Only £70 (£30 off the full price)

5 Classes – £40

Pay as you go – £10 on the door

Sign up for a free class here: https://braww.co.uk/free-fitness-class/

All you have to do is come along to your FREE class and book yourself in or email us at [email protected]

So next time you are in Barnet or even within the North London area, make sure you drop in at take your FREE first class that’s waiting for you. For any more information or queries about the class itself and what it involves, please do not hesitate to contact us again at [email protected].

We look forward to having you down there this week!!

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