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Braww. Fitness Classes

Braww fitness classes in Barnet, North London are an exciting twist on your usual everyday class. Meaning our personal trainers adapt each and every session to the members that take partTherefore all abilities and fitness levels are more than welcome. Furthermore everyone will get the most benefit out of each class as possible. By combining resistance, cardio and HiiT based exercises, then blending them into an enjoyable experience. As a result you learn, reach your goals, meet new people and have fun, all in one fitness class.

How Do We Run Our Sessions?

Below we will discuss our step by step process of the way we run our exercise classes. We will include a description of each section followed by the benefits.

1. Heart Raiser

We must initially prepare the body for exercise at the beginning of every fitness class. Therefore the first thing to do is to raise the body temperature. Using dynamic movements to open up the muscles and a light pace to raise the heart rate. As a result we then increase the overall body temperature and you are ready for the class. This is an essential part of our group training. As exercise performed without a proper warm up is one of the most common injury creators. Furthermore, this will give you the ability to take the warm ups into your own routines.


  • Opens up the muscles

  • Gets the joints supple

  • Puts the body at optimal level for exercise

Fitness Classes Heart Raiser

2. Activation

After a comprehensive warm up your body is now prepared to put in the work. We raise the intensity slightly by introducing mini bands because working with bands activates the muscles much more effectivelyWe then add more dynamic movements that are a gradual advancement from the ones done in the warm up. This is where we finally start to focus on the areas that you need most during the fitness classes. Where you really feel the progression of the class. As an extension from the warm this is an element you will take into your individual routine.

Fitness Classes Activation


  • Engages key muscle groups

  • Strengthens and stabilises specific areas

  • Reduces risk of injury

  • A low impact way to improve joints and muscles

3. Builders

The body is now fully engaged and ready for the fitness class. Meaning this is the best time for strength building exercises. Due to everyone coming at different strength levels, we offer a wide range of techniques that every member can use. Therefore we teach and take you through routines that will make you stronger and more defined. Creating an enjoyable way that offers so much more than your regular weights session. Whilst weight training remains a cautious area for people. You will find our group training will have you feeling a lot more comfortable with resistance training.


  • Improves overall strength

  • Tones and defines the whole body

  • Improves muscle movements

  • An exciting way to hit the weights

Fitness Classes Builders


This section of our fitness classes changes week in week out. For that reason, we keep your body and mind as sharp as they can be. In addition, to the enjoyment factor, you know that each class will be different and well varied each week. We design unique circuits that combine both cardio and resistance exercises – for maximum benefits. Meaning we really torch the calories and allow the endorphins to run high. Being a class favourite and also a section that is possibly the hardest but most satisfying upon completion. As well as motivation from our personal trainers, you will also bounce off of fellow members to complete the circuits as one. 

Fitness Classes Circuits


  • Independent take away

  • Full body rewards

  • Burns the most amount of calories

  • Trains both body and mind

5. Games

The peak of the crescendo. Another example where we really put the fun back into physical fitness classes. Also meaning nostalgia is the key point of this elementAs a result we to take you back to your childhood routes. Creating a blend of popular games and fitness characteristics gives you to the enjoyment of exerciseNot only with physical benefits, these games also get your brain working just has hardResulting in increased body and brain power. By designing a fun way to get you fit and take you to the next level you will not even need to think about it. Also if you are bringing a friend you choose between teamwork or competitiveness to really spice it up.


  • Fun way to get fit

  • Engage with other members

  • Creates a soft competitive edge

  • Works the full body

Fitness Classes Games

6. Cool Down & Stretch

A vital part of the fitness classes, in North London. Similarly, to the warm up, this is one of the most valuable elements that you will take way beyond the class itself. As a result we make sure you leave the session even more rejuvenated than when you turned up. Therefore, we cool the body temperature back down. Giving you a thorough stretch routine to ensure you take full advantage of the fitness classes. Consequently this leaves you ready to dominate the rest of the dayAbove all feeling refreshed and re-energised you will already be looking forward to next weeks class, or in search of our other Barnet Exercise Classes.

Read more on stretching here.

Fitness Classes Stretch


  • Learn stretches to do independently

  • Reduce the risk of injuries

  • Return the body to a state ready for the rest of the day

  • Round of the session well


Why Choose Braww

Even though our fitness classes have a foundational structure. You, the client is in control the entire time. Although, at Braww we also feel that the structure above is one of the most effective ways to achieve a majority of goals. However, all of our personal trainers will try to make the fitness class tailored to your needs and preferences. If its too hard or too easy the personal trainers adapt the exercises for you. It is the bond and rapport built between client and personal trainer that allows progress to be comfortably discussed with confidence and ease. This fundamental element of meaningful work and meaningful relationships is something we at Braww are building in the Barnet and North London communities, and we are very proud of.

Classes Take Around

45 Min

Percentages Of Session Structure

Heart Raiser 10%
Activation 10%
Builders 20%
Circuits 30%
Games 20%
Cool Down & Stretch 10%
Fitness Classes Social

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get charged if I miss a session?2018-10-30T15:33:37+00:00

There won’t be an added payment needed but you will lose that session.

How many people take the classes?2018-10-30T15:32:11+00:00

There are usually 10-20 people in a class and either 1 or 2 fitness advisers.

How do I book a session?2018-10-30T15:30:55+00:00

There is a page on the website that will guide you to the group classes page where you can book the classes.

How intense are the classes?2018-10-30T15:30:16+00:00

The classes are as intense as you want them. We will provide the exercises and give you progression exercises if they are too easy and regression exercises if they are too hard.

What do I need to bring?2018-10-30T15:29:26+00:00

All you have to do is bring yourself, a bottle of water and a comfortable pair of trainers.

How are the sessions structured?2018-10-30T15:28:56+00:00

We start off the sessions with an active warm up and light resistance band work which is followed by 35 minutes of exercise, and end with static stretches.

Is there space to put a buggy if I brought my child?2018-10-30T15:28:19+00:00

There is space in all the places we have sessions. You can keep an eye over your child. There is usually loud music so beware of that.

Is there discount if you buy group sessions in bulk?2018-10-30T15:27:00+00:00

Yes there is. Please double check the pricing pages. Pay as you go is usually £15 a session. Bulk packs are £10 a session.

Do I get rewarded for recommending a friend?2018-10-30T15:25:24+00:00

If you recommend a friend who then signs up in bulk then we will reward you with a session for free.  

Is there parking nearby?2018-10-30T15:24:34+00:00

There is always parking at the locations we have our group sessions. You can email us to double check.

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