Morning routine, why having one is so important.

Mornings are the best times to be productive and to start anew. A good morning routine gives momentum for the rest of the day. Most successful people have a morning routine that they faithfully follow because they have realised the importance of making the most out of their mornings. Take a look at just a few of the successful people who set their day up for the win.

Here is why you ought to have a morning routine:

It gives you time to yourself

Morning time is your time. You are uninterrupted by the outside world. Waking up earlier than everybody else gives you some quiet solitude to do whatever you would want to do. You can catch up on things you would like to do. It also gives you time to reflect, get ahead and do whatever you please. A morning routine is an investment into your life whose dividends will pay throughout your day and your life.

It gives you a sense of normalcy to ease your cognitive load

There is a joy that comes with spontaneity but for efficiency and effectiveness, it is important to have some normalcy. It is quite tiring to have to wake up every morning and think about what to do next. When you have some normalcy in your life, you wake up every day knowing what you are going to do next even without thinking about it. Being an autopilot can be so helpful sometimes. It takes the guessing out of your life. Have you ever realised that when you wake up and don’t have a clue on what to do you mostly end up wasting your day? 

Having a routine minimises your cognitive load so that your brain does not get tired of thinking all the time. While you shouldn’t live your life on autopilot, it is important for your mornings to have some form of autopilot.

It gives you momentum to your day and makes you more productive

Every day that you start your day right, it ends up being more productive. A morning that starts right gives you a head start and allows you to get ahead. When you wake up and rush through things you will end up playing catch up with your day and letting the day dictate what you are going to do. With a routine, you get ahead of your day and prepare for the day. This is acting instead of reacting. Pro activity instead of reactivity.

A morning routine gives you motivation for the day. Getting things done before other people wake up gives you small victories that compound later in the day.

What should you morning routine consist of?

  • Getting some quality sleep 
  • Doing some cardio exercises or fitness exercises in the morning. You can hit the gym or go for a morning run to clear your head. Exercise invigorates our brain.
  • Have a plan for the day before or the morning of. Failing to plan is allowing your day to dictate to you what to do instead of the other way around
  • Work on yourself by writing, reading or doing a personal project. 

Make most of your mornings by having a morning routine. It will set the pace for the rest of your day.