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BrawwPersonal Training

Firstly, Braww tailors our personal training sessions, to your individual needs and preferences. Therefore, if you have a favourite way of personal training or have any particular restrictions, we can also cater the session to you. As a result, by using regular consultations and feedback opportunities our trainers can make the personal training bespoke to you. Meaning, the goals, location, method and timings are your design. Therefore, with Braww as your mentor, you will have full control. Especially, when it comes to working independently. However, whether you are new to personal training or experienced, we add value to your life. Consequently, it is the opportunity for you to take what you gain from Braww and apply it into your own personal life that also drives our trainers to your success. All in all, if you live in North London, make the investment of personal training today.



Benefits of Personal Training

  • Energy First of all, Personal Training should always make you feel better. Meaning, after your sessions, both short and long term, you will feel more energised and also more motivated to dominate your life.
  • Motivation and inspiration  Secondly, Personal Training that will bring out the best in you, with an aim to inspire each and every client to be the best version of themselves.
  • Knowledge and learning  In addition, a combination of experience and personability creates the best environment in which you can tap into valuable personal training insights.
  • Better relationships  All over Barnet, you can build such a strong rapport with your personal trainer. As a result, they can guide you to where you want to be.
  • Trust  Furthermore, Braww wants the relationship with your personal trainer to be built on trust. Therefore, our trainers are there to add value to your life and put your interests and also your needs at the forefront of every journey.
  • Bespoke training to you  However, Braww makes sure, through keen observations, empathetic listening and also feedback sessions, that every single personal training session and, as a result, planning, is tailored to you the client.
  • Honesty  Moreover, to build a strong bond, our trainers are as honest as they can be with clients. Which means, with the feelings and needs of the client as top priority, clients gain the best learning experience, through sensitive personal training.
  • Flexibility  We also ensure that our personal trainers will use their best efforts to bring you a quality service at anytime and any location, within Barnet, North London. Furthermore, this is also extended into the contact you can have with your trainer.
  • Convenience  Wherever you are around Barnet, North London you are able to have the majority of control as to where and when you train. Therefore we make the personal training experience as comfortable as we can for you. As a result, enabling it to flow so easily into your life.
  • Added value  On top of everything else, a loyalty that means your attention and personal training adventure is as valuable to us as it is to you. As a result, we want to make every second, one that benefits you.
  • Reliability Additionally, we build an expectation that means your trainer will always show up. Not just in punctuality either, they will always being an energy that pushes you to the next level. Therefore, you will have one of the most trusted personal trainers in Barnet.
  • Belonging to a team  However, we believe that the power of the collective is so much stronger than the power of the individual.Which is why, we make sure meeting new people and socialising with other Barnet and North London members fits easily into your personal training.
  • Mindset training  Before anything else, we believe that body follows mind. Therefore, we make the power of your mind much more accessible, with the aid of personal training.
  • Safety  With all other benefits taken into account, the safety of each and every person involved in the process is also of paramount importance. Therefore, your personal trainer conducts everything in a correct and safe way. As well, not only do we find the best training spots in Barnet, we also find the safest.


Why choose Braww. Personal Training?


  • Personal Training Level 2 and 3 trained   Most importantly, Braww London Personal Trainers are both Level 2 and 3 certified, meaning they are able to work within a gym and outside of a gym.
  • First Aid trained  Secondly, all of our personal trainers are certified first aiders.
  • REPS or CIMSPA  our personal trainers belong to REPS or CIMSPA who are the professional development body for the UK’s sport and physical activity sector.


  • Weight loss  We have personal trainers that specialise in helping you with weight loss. In addition, they can also help you with nutrition on the way.
  • Muscle retention When you are losing weight, you need to maintain and add to the muscle you already have. As a result, our trainers will provide you help with personal training specific to this.
  • Sports conditioning In addition, we have trainers that will help you get ready for any sporting activity you are taking part in all over Barnet. Whether it is during the season or in the off season, our personal training will get you 100% match fit.
  • Muscle gain If you are looking to add on some extra pounds and put on some muscle, we have personal trainers that will provide you with the exercises, knowledge and nutrition to get you there.


  • Braww personal trainers have at least 2 years experience within the fitness industry, both currently working in and around Barnet, North London. Additionally, they have worked within a gym, have clients outside of the gym and have done courses to further their fitness knowledge.
  • Secondly, they all have clients in Barnet ranging from 16 years of age to 80+ years of age so they welcome people with different levels of abilities.
  • Braww personal trainers have fantastic experience running classes so can give you progressive and regressive exercises to suit all levels of ability.


  • Mindset First of all, before starting personal training, we look at why you have chosen now to start. This is because, we believe that having a strong mindset is the key to reaching your target. Therefore, we train you to strengthen your mentality and use that as a lead to achieving your physical goals.
  • Creating a happier you Moreover, we want you to leave all of our personal training sessions feeling positive. For this reason, we create workouts that are dedicated to your specific needs.
  • It’s all about you Furthermore, when you are with a Braww personal trainer, you are the focal point. Therefore, we don’t just give you exercises, we perfect every single exercise before going onto the next one.
  • Comfort Also, if you don’t want to go to a gym, that’s fine. If you also don’t want to be inside, that’s fine. In addition, we make you comfortable and will travel and train wherever you want, in and around the North London area, meaning, we make fitness about you.


  • Patience What’s more, our personal trainers understand that not everyone is at an advanced level with exercise. Everyone starts somewhere and Braww trainers ensure that we fit exercises that are suitable for your ability.
  • Communication Furthermore, want our clients to be able to talk to us, we don’t want to just be a trainer to you, we want you to be able to speak about us if you have any problems.
  • Professionalism Along with everything else, our Personal Trainer knows that their job is to enhance you and your ability. However, although we want our clients to talk to us, we will still train you hard!
  • Smile Finally, with the biggest smiles in Barnet, our personal trainers love their jobs, we want to help you and as a result want to make you a happier you.

What can you expect in your first personal training session?

1.  To begin with, your first personal training session is one of the most important parts of your personal training journey. Whereby, at this stage you and your personal trainer are now able to progress from the consultation and therefore, assess what level your body is physically at.

2. Secondly, this beginning session is a taster and a tester at the same time. Whereby, it gives you a chance to understand the feel of the sessions before going at full pace. In addition, there is also a physical analysis that the personal trainer conducts. Furthermore, these tests gauge, for yourself and the trainer, your ability.

3. Moreover, this personal training analysis also plays its part later down the line. This is because, they now act as progress indicators. Acting as, solid markers that will paint your picture of progress much more simply. Consequently, showing improvements such as endurance, strength and also flexibility.

4. During the first session the pace will not be as intense as your usual personal training sessions. However, it allows you the opportunity to set your own pace for the following ones. As a result, our trainers can then progress other aspects like difficulty, complexity and also timings to reach your goals.

5. Finally, as you adapt to the training, the training also adapts to you, defining the term ‘personal training’. By this, we mean that, we know the body becomes accustomed to training methods. Therefore, we change certain aspects of the sessions in order for your body to keep moving in the right direction.




How do we run our Personal Training sessions?

In Barnet, North London, even though our personal training sessions have a foundational structure, you, the client, is in control the entire time. Therefore despite the structure of your sessions being one of the most pivotal ways to reach your goals, the session layout all depends on your specific needs and goals. Furthermore we focus on building a strong bond and rapport with all of our clients. Which is why, every month, our personal trainers will have a catch up with you to assess your goals which gives you the chance to give feedback about your time with us. As a result, with Braww, as your mentor, you will have full control. Finally this fundamental element of meaningful work and longstanding relationships is something we at Braww are very proud of.

Personal Training Greet
Personal Training Meeting

1. Greeting

In any location and at any time our Personal Trainers will always greet you with a warm welcome. This is because, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Meaning, that you are ready and prepared to start the session. Therefore before the sessions begin, we make sure that you are at optimal level for exercise.

  • Creates a comfortable environment.
  • Reduce the risk of injury.
  • Ensures correct hydration.
  • Ensures sufficient energy.
  • Train at optimal level.

2Dynamic Warm Up

By using carefully chosen dynamic movements to open up the muscles. Resulting in a routine with a light pace to increase the heart rate. Therefore, the overall temperature will increase and you will be ready for the session.

  • Reduce the risk of injury.
  • Optimal preparation for exercise.
  • Help release tight muscles.
  • Gets the joints more supple.
  • Ability to take away independently.
Personal Training Warm Up
Personal Training Tailored Training

3Tailored Training

As everyone has different goals and varying individual needs, each session is specific to the client. Furthermore whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or improve your mobility, your personal training session will be bespoke to what you need. Meaning, the pace, intensity and difficulty is all set to the unique needs of the client.

  • Reach your goals faster.
  • Work at the pace determined by you.
  • Achieve your targets.
  • Train how you enjoy to train.
  • Enhance your progression.

4Cool Down

Above all, making sure you leave the session even more rejuvenated than when you arrived, by cooling the body back down and giving you a thorough stretch routine. Therefore, you are sure to take full advantage of the session.

  • Reduce the risk of injury.
  • Bring the body temperature back down.
  • Return the body to a regular state.
  • Allows the muscles to relax.
  • Improve core strength.
Personal Training Cool Down
Personal Training Stretching


After, the cool down, now is the best time to perform foam rolling and static stretches. Furthermore, these stretches go way beyond the personal training itself as you can take them away to do independently. Finally, they not only reduce the risk of injury but also improve your flexibility in the long run.

  • Improve flexibility.
  • Improve everyday life.
  • Reduce the risk of injury.
  • Gain knowledge you can use independently.
  • Take full advantage of the session.


In conclusion, once the session is over you are able to talk to your trainer confidently and comfortably. As a result, your Personal Trainer learns from you, giving feedback on what you enjoyed and what you may not have, allows the personal trainer to progress the sessions as you grow yourself.

  • Build a stronger rapport.
  • Increase the benefits of your training.
  • Reach your goals quicker.
  • Give honest feedback.
  • Have control over your session.
Personal Training Feedback
Warm Up 13%
Tailored Training 74%
Cool Down & Stretch 13%

Fitness Classes

In addition, to Braww Personal Training we also offer our Fitness Classes in Barnet, North London. Where similarly, you can enjoy all the benefits of physical training surrounded by like minded people who can help you achieve your goals. As well as, a great way to meet new people and gain even more motivation.


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Group training that puts the fun back into fitness.


Facebook Reviews

I would definitely recommend doing classes with Braww. There is such a variety of exercises which means that it’s always fun and different! The trainers are incredibly motivating and energetic throughout the whole session and this create a great atmosphere in the classes. I’ve been doing the classes for just over two months now and can definitely already feel and see a difference!
Esther Pickering
Esther Pickering
Great bootcamp classes run by Sonny and Joe. Saturday mornings at Christ Church hall on St. Albans Road in High Barnet. A fun and energetic start to the weekend.
Jeremy Newton
Jeremy Newton
Had my first braww session and loved it. The atmosphere was great and the training had a competitive element to it which made it 10x more exciting! I'll definitely be signing up for next weeks session 💪💪
Rob Hughes
Rob Hughes
Fun morning workout! Instructors were great and good for all abilities, highly recommend☺️💪🏼
Nancy Huang
Nancy Huang
Saturday morning class - loved it! Well organised, inclusive fitness class. Tough but most importantly, enjoyable. Thanks All 💪
Nick Georgiou
Nick Georgiou
Attended my first Boot Camp on Friday - great variety of exercises, and most importantly Joseph and Sonny were able to give variations to individual exercises, depending on their client's needs. I have issues with my feet so I'm unable to put too much pressure on them, i.e not too much jumping, but I came out of the session feeling as if I had done a really good workout and had worked up a sweat.
Lucy Harris
Lucy Harris
mindfulness is highly recommended as it state's above paragraph, feeling of pressure release it's something to consider to all,topmarks.
Darren Lauder
Darren Lauder
As a keen gym user i have always focused on keeping fit, however it gets boring doing the same things all the time. Braww and the team make keeping fit fun and enjoyable through innovative new technics that anyone can employ. If you are looking for exciting new ways to train with track-able results. Look no further!
Alex Jacob
Alex Jacob
Amazing personal training programs suited to my body type and way of life. Highly recommend x
Salina French-Duarte
Salina French-Duarte
Couldn't recommend Sonny and his team any higher. With a vast knowledge of health and fitness Sonny made the sessions and health plan work around me. The sessions kept me on my toes as they are always different and enjoyable and the meals are never boring. I can't wait for more!
Daniel Green
Daniel Green
I really needed some motivation and Sonny encouraged me & came up with a great set of exercises tailor made for me. Fun to work together too and I’m delighted to be back in great shape for my holiday!! Highly recommend - thanks Sonny!
Nikki Dare
Nikki Dare
Excellent service, would highly recommend Sonny and Braww to fit in your personal fitness routine around your life style.
Janet Geldart
Janet Geldart
Great training sessions that are tailored to your needs perfectly!Training times are flexible and able to work around any last minute changes where needed.��
Andrew Webb
Andrew Webb
Training with Braww has been awesome! Kept me motivated to reach for my goals, while providing a brilliant, fun and new experience I hadn't encountered before!
Guy Gleeson
Guy Gleeson
Amazing results with the lovely sonny, enjoyed every moment not only has he taught me so much but made me laugh and enjoy all the way! Team sonny�
Holly Nathan
Holly Nathan
Would highly recommend, I love it, made me feel like a new woman!
Tilly Nathan
Tilly Nathan
Sonny is so enjoyable to train with makes every difficult moment (half) enjoyable! Not only trains but teaches so much! Loved every minute�
Kitty Rafferty
Kitty Rafferty
Personalised training session to suit my needs, worked hard as well as being comfortable and relaxed.
Lisa Disdale
Lisa Disdale
I used to hate going to the gym because I found it monotonous and also I was not very confident in my ability or technique.Since training with Sonny and Braww I have progressed more than I thought I ever would!I never thought I could do some of the workouts I was given but thanks to Sonny’s knowledge and encouragement I have gained good knowledge of techniques and nutrition which has helped me improve, I have also started to enjoy going to the gym again!
Blaine McEvoy
Blaine McEvoy
The service I received was great value for money as the lessons I learnt gave me great knowledge and experience in training, nutrition, and disciplining body and mind. I got encouraged and pushed really well and ended up achieving things I didn't really think were possible for me before. The benefits transferred to other parts of my life too. If you're open to it and willing to put in the work Sonny and the team will help you transform yourself.
Ali Jami
Ali Jami
The sessions will push you to your limits! Truly unbelievable training that is tailored for you, I had a diet plan that helped me lose 1 stone in 6 weeks whilst never feeling hungry. Completely changed my life! Now exercise is a part of my every day life!
Charlie Hart
Charlie Hart
I always love these sessions! I usually find working out quite boring but these sessions definitely made it worthwhile and lot more fun. Would recommend ��
Lissele Pratt
Lissele Pratt
The sessions with Braww, really put me through my paces! I’d recommend them to anybody who wants to find the results we all long for.
Chris Ullah
Chris Ullah
A brilliant company to choose, they adapted the sessions so well to my needs. I would certainly recommend them to anyone of any age!!
Jean Lees
Jean Lees
Brilliant service. Flexible to work around you both in terms of content and location. Well tailored to you individually based on your ability and what you want out of the session. Amazing feeling of support, regardless of how much you feel like your struggling very supportive to help you push through and never felt once as though I was letting myself or the trainer down. Never been more motivated.
Christopher Georgiou
Christopher Georgiou
A great company to train with!! There was never a boring session, it put the fun back into training for me. I would definitely recommend it to anyone 👍
Jack Daniel Wilson
Jack Daniel Wilson
Amazing service and work outs are fun and varied! Never been so motivated to progress, outside beats the gym hands down!
Sam Woodham
Sam Woodham
Great workouts. Sessions are always varied. Training outside beats the gym. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Nathan Irving
Nathan Irving
Amazing service!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Adam Basinski
Adam Basinski
The sessions are great, we trained in the sun ☀️. The team is knowledgeable and adjusted the training programme according to my needs. I feel much better!
Jana Marsova
Jana Marsova
Really friendly and knowledgeable team, welcoming, non judgemental and focused on helping to be fitter, faster, stronger, better and healthy. Would recommend.
Darren Hatch
Darren Hatch

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Frequently Asked Questions


This all depends on you. Our trainers recommend that you train at least twice a week with us for you to really fulfil your potential.


You can cancel a session through the website. You will receive your session token back up to 24 hours before the session. Anything after this the token will be gone.


This doesn’t matter at all. Our trainers are able to create a fitness session even if the room was tiny.

CAN I BRING A FRIEND?2018-10-26T17:35:38+00:00

Of course you can. You will have to let us know at least 72 hours before the session because the format of the session will change, and depending on what membership or packages you have the pricing may also be affected.


This doesn’t matter at all. We will bring fitness right to the start. Everyone has to start somewhere!

CAN I TRAIN THROUGH AND INJURY?2018-10-26T17:33:04+00:00

It all depends on the injury. When creating your profile and prior to starting to train with us, let us know about your injuries, past or present.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?2018-10-26T17:32:29+00:00

Wear anything that you feel is comfortable when exercising and always wear supportive shoes.

WHERE DO I TRAIN?2019-06-21T10:22:44+00:00

Our trainers will travel to wherever you want to train. It can be in your home or an open space, it’s all down to your preference.

CAN I REQUEST A PARTICULAR TRAINER?2018-10-26T17:30:44+00:00

You can. We have trainers that specialise from weight loss to sports conditioning. We have trainers that suit all your needs.

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