Bringing exercise and work together.

The big picture.

As we look at fitness in the workplace we must first look at the multitude of jobs and places of work out there that range from being a nurse to being an electrician. All of these occupations have a world of differences that separate them from one an other. With varying colleagues, timings and surroundings. All of them also have fluctuating degrees of pressure on both the mind and the body. Not many people can argue that most jobs do in fact have at least some amount of pressure upon the worker.

In today’s society your career can often take over your life and almost every other aspect will slot into second place behind what wins the bread. Our entire lives can become dictated by our work schedule. Making it hard to fathom any other part that might seem to be muscling in, like fitness in the workplace for example.  Not only do the ‘outside’ aspects start falling short like social meetings and hobbies. The fundamental elements of life also take a beating. Areas including how and when we eat, the amount of sleep we get and the amount of energy we use up just on our work life.

So should we be shackled to our work-a-day lives, restricted by our 9-5? Or is there a more efficient way to make life just that little bit easier. Where we can eventually build up to a point that allows work and home life to work in tandem and become beautifully synchronized as one. Braww believes that there is another way and that health, well-being and fitness in the workplace is one solution that can work for all walks of life.

Making time.

One of the biggest issues with trying to make fitness work around your job is that there is often not enough time. If any of these phrases start to ring a bell. Then by reading this you are on the right path to changing your current situation;

  • “Starting work early means I can’t possibly train before work”
  • “Having to stay late means I run out of time to train”
  • “I only get a lunch break so never have the time to train”
  • “I am always busy after work so never get the chance to go to the gym”
  • “The gym is way too far from me so I would’t have time to get there and back”

Take a step back.

The questions you will need to ask yourself are these – ‘Do I actually not have enough time?’ or ‘Am I not making enough time‘. At the end of the day we all have 24 hours to use up. If you decide to use a lot of these hours binge watching TV series or endlessly scrolling on your phone, then so be it. However, if you still make excuses not to train, go back and ask yourself the previous questions once again.

Having the time to be healthy can be and is a truthful issue, but only if you let it be one. The cliches of ‘wake up earlier’ and go to ‘sleep later’ are all relevant and very applicable. The positive repercussions will pay dividends if you do apply them. There is however, another way. You are in luck as you read this. Braww has an amazing way to introduce a Corporate training program to your workplace. Just follow the link below to find out more.

Eating on the go.

Food at work can be an extremely sensitive subject. It is usually too late that you realise you are not making the best decision with your food at work. The ever-enticing vending machines that promote idle grazing can be a monkey on the shoulder of any employee. The call to the fast food restaurant just before lunch can always play siren to the weak. The sudden birthdays and all too often celebration cake or sweets that await you at the lunch table. All of these moment are there to snatch your progress away and push you towards an ‘I’ll start tomorrow attitude’.

However though, when you bring fitness in the workplace you are one step nearer to eradicating the temptation to fall short. When you commit to yourself and invest the time to prepare your food at home. You not only have the better decision already made for you. But you also won’t want to waste the time and effort on one short lasting moment. The inevitable slip into convenience of buying a meal deal is also thrown to the wind. Saving you pounds in every sense of the word

The energy zapper.

Many people have a fear of exercise. This irrational fear can stem from many branches. However, for today we will only focus on the one. One that is proven to be of myth and legend. This fear that training, exercise or fitness in the workplace causes fatigue and loss of energy is a false fallacy. In fact when you introduce training to your life it will have the opposite effect.

During exercise certain hormones are released into the body. These are also known as feel good hormones. These can be sustained over long periods of time and only add value to an individual’s day or even week. This means that your energy levels have the potential to sky rocket. Especially if you have the privilege to train during lunch time. After a long morning, there can be nothing better than to re-energise and rejuvenate for a productive afternoon.

The implications.

As you become fitter and stronger, the results will show. Not only in your work life but also outside of work as you now have a re born energy. Allowing more time for the things you love. This creates much better efficiency within your life. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to find something that makes you work hard but is also something that you are able to enjoy at the same time. Whether this is your favourite sport or activity it is completely up to you. Work place relationships are a huge factor so finding a friend to do this with is ideal. There is no better bonding agent than thrashing out a workout with your fellow co-workers. This also sets up future prospects between you and your colleagues.

Bring it all together.

So to conclude, the job that you do may not be able to change for some time. It’s the way that you approach it that you are able to control and able to change pretty easily. By putting fitness in the workplace it will not only increase your enjoyment whilst at work. But also give you that extra boost in life that everyone should welcome. The short term benefits like increased energy and more time. Also the long term benefits including a reduction in aches and pains or more job satisfaction, make the decision a no-brainer.